Rio de Janeiro

Brazil Mission Photos

1st Sunday in Brazil
Elaina with church friends
Joseph & Lori Domingos
Small church near Santos
Small church near Santos
Poor church in Salvador
Church near Mongagua
City of Sao Paulo
Chalk Talk in Brazil
3 Saved in Sunday service
Joe walked the aisle
Bruna received Christ as her Savior
Humberto Got saved on the street
Street Evangelism in Rio
Street Evangelism in Rio
Cathedral in Rio
Most pitiful beggar

We are born again Bible believing missionaries sent out of our local church, Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL. Our desire is to labor in Brazil glorifying the Savior, edifying the saints and evangelizing the sinners by God's guidance.


Bible Baptist Mission
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Humberto Got saved on the street

After the street preaching Humberto came across the street to ask some questions and one of the ladies from the church led him to the Lord on the sidewalk.